Estrellita Mia Fanzine

Estrellita Mía Issue Number Two

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Estrellita Mía Issue Number Two

Estrellita Mía
Número 2, Agosto, 2016
The second "Estrellita Mía" issue.
Art, Illustration, Collage, Photography, Pop Music, Poetry and short fiction

15,5 x 21,5 cms. aprox.
28 pages
Black and white


Cover art by Whale Song Partridge
Back Cover art by Igor Ruz
Centerfold by Alvaro Córdova

Art by: Verena Urrutia (Chile) , Muriel Gallardo (Chile) , Ilaria Novelli (Italy), VK7 (USA), GEA*(USA), Aurora Muñoz (Chile) , Matías González (Chile) , Andrés Gatti (Argentina), Alvaro Córdova (Chile) , Francisco Gónzalez (Chile) , Rachel Harrison (Chile) , Alejandra Ugarte (Chile) and Leonardo Casas (Chile)
Texts: "r." by Cristóbal Moya (Chile) / poetry by Máximo Caín (Chile) /"Transmutación" by Yemen (Chile).